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Tornado in Waco

SO I was at the Baylor Beauty event in the sub and there was a sporadic tornado warning that was issued. We all had to go down into the basement of the Sub and wait. I don’t think it was necessary to keep all those people in the Sub when everyone knows nothing would have happened. Just let everyone go and let them decide on whether or not they stay.


66.5% of people in the United States own homes. It is at an all time low and many people are being forced to rent homes instead of buyin them. Renting is not a bad option but that percentage is not good with respect to how the economy should be like. Real Estate is just not good right now. Ha good time to get into real estate right? Ha, Wrong.

The Royal Wedding

Ok. Overrated. Thats all I have to say. Yes they are getting married but the entire country and world should not being freaking out about it. Not one guy in America should care about watching this wedding. Thank the Lord my girl friend isn’t obsessed with it. Its just a wedding.

Last night the Miami Heat just dominated the Celtics. Will their team be able to beat the Heat in this next upcoming game? I think they will be able to win one maybe two games but I dont think that they will be able to beat this Miami team. Lebron, Wade and Bosh want the title so much more I feel like.

Today Sony came out with the S1 and S2 tablets today. In my opinion I think that they are getting into the industry way too late. They are already behind in the race with the new technology and I think that they should have come out with something newer than just the same old ipad.

The military is working on making tiny drones that extract trackable sensor goo which will enable the military to track soldiers and enemies from just this one substance. They have already started working on controlling beetles that will be used to spy on enemies. What will be next! More information here.

MIAMI HEAT winning the title?

After watching the Heat last night they look pretty hard to beat. Lebron James, Bosh and Dwayne Wade are looking like one of the best trios in a long time. Any one think they can win it?

Houston Astros

I am from Houston and have slowly stopped watching baseball just because I feel like there is no one on the team that I really want to watch. Once Lance Berkman left and Craig Biggio left I have no reason to watch them. Going to a game is fun, but watching on TV is so boring.

Baylor New Recruits

We are getting a lot of good guys next year for our mens basketball team. Two of the guys we are getting are Quincy Miller and Deuce Bello. They are both from the same school and they have been playing with each other for a long time now. Also good thing is, is that current player Stargell Love went to their same school in high school which will help with the teams chemistry coming in to the new season.

Million Dollar Sharks

“A single reef shark can be worth nearly two million dollars in tourism revenue over its lifetime, according to a study released Monday by researchers in Australia.” Wow. Alright if I saw a huge shark while I was snorkeling, I can assure you that I would be out of the water in an instant. But aside from person opinion, these sharks are worth more alive in these areas than dead because they bring such an attraction to tourists.