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Both of these players were invited to the NFL draft and both were chosen in the first round of the draft. This makes Baylor look really good and will probably make more recruits commit to Baylor if they know they have the chance to be chosen in the draft in the first round!


Cam Newton was picked first in the NFL draft last night. He is such an amazing player and athlete, but would you really want this guy to lead your franchise? That is a lot at stake and a lot of money is in jeopardy with this guy. I feel like he is going to be another Vince Young.

Wow, a staggering 5 million chickens were killed in Alabama after the Tornado. It took out poultry houses and totally destroyed them. I feel really sorry for the families that were in anyway affected by such a loss on their bottom line. They must have lost a fortune.

Baylor has two players that are attending the NFL Draft this upcoming week. We are one of the few with multiple players coming to the drafting day. Does this look good for Baylor sports and will it be a good stepping stone for our rising football program?

SO I was at the Baylor Beauty event in the sub and there was a sporadic tornado warning that was issued. We all had to go down into the basement of the Sub and wait. I don’t think it was necessary to keep all those people in the Sub when everyone knows nothing would have happened. Just let everyone go and let them decide on whether or not they stay.

66.5% of people in the United States own homes. It is at an all time low and many people are being forced to rent homes instead of buyin them. Renting is not a bad option but that percentage is not good with respect to how the economy should be like. Real Estate is just not good right now. Ha good time to get into real estate right? Ha, Wrong.

The Royal Wedding

Ok. Overrated. Thats all I have to say. Yes they are getting married but the entire country and world should not being freaking out about it. Not one guy in America should care about watching this wedding. Thank the Lord my girl friend isn’t obsessed with it. Its just a wedding.

Last night the Miami Heat just dominated the Celtics. Will their team be able to beat the Heat in this next upcoming game? I think they will be able to win one maybe two games but I dont think that they will be able to beat this Miami team. Lebron, Wade and Bosh want the title so much more I feel like.

Today Sony came out with the S1 and S2 tablets today. In my opinion I think that they are getting into the industry way too late. They are already behind in the race with the new technology and I think that they should have come out with something newer than just the same old ipad.

The military is working on making tiny drones that extract trackable sensor goo which will enable the military to track soldiers and enemies from just this one substance. They have already started working on controlling beetles that will be used to spy on enemies. What will be next! More information here.